"Merksmilez's lyrical ability encompasses a fresh style with an early ’90s rap renaissance vibe
an inter-changeable flow for the new millennium. People are drawn to him
because of the lyrical content and messages within his music." - The One Mic

"Whether you know him by his former moniker Merksmilez,
or his current handle Malachi Grant;
the music still Dope."

- Bout 2 Blow Urban-Lyfe

"The snare cracks and the bass throbs, which Malachi Grant's raps move effortlessly alongside the music, with tonal variety"

- Cross Radar

"Malachi Grant delivers exactly what he promises in the title of his most recent project "Welcome 2 My World". With candor, wit and more than a little humor, Grant tells his audience exactly how he defines his universe" 

-  Digi Indie

"Compiled with complimentary tracks that segue so effortlessly into one another, Malachi paints the perfect picture within his lyricism."

- Kazi Magazine

“It's not everyday that a rapper is fortunate to absorb his environment then voraciously spew

content worthy of praise."

- YoRaps

"His music has a smooth feel to it and the lyrics are on point and crisp. On his album, "Welcome 2 My World", there are some definite bangers with big 808 kicks and heavy bass that will blow out your stereo deck. Malachi also has a good singing voice for hooks, which makes his style more versatile."

- Skope Magazine

"Welcome 2 My World, A fresh new album by Malachi Grant for all Hip Hop heads to enjoy. Not your typical Underground Hip Hop type of sound but rather party, upbeat & uplifting multi-genre album with positive flavors all round."

- Underground Hip Hop Blog

"It’s fresh, artistic, creatively original, and showcases Malachi Grant’s unique emotional perspective of the world and the life we inhabit."

- Allhiphop.com

"His wordplay is clever and witty. His storytelling is reminiscent of the legendary greats that pioneered the foundation of hip-hop imagery. His energy and motivational sound are a bright and hopeful beacon of lyricism wrapped in what seems an endless array of flows."

- Raptology

"At first, it’s a classic album, but paying closer attention you’d realize the ingenuity of everything right down to the tracklist that sends a message in sequence; Live-Up-Never Fall-Be-Better-Than Yesterday-Shine-Living my Dreams-Solid."

- Allrapnews