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Malachi Grant released "Welcome 2 My World" as his commercial debut and was met with rave reviews from media and his peers.  Recorded and mixed by Steve Francis at Stush Music Studios, Malachi puts together a well-balance album showcasing different aspects of his life.  Content heavy lyrics, infectious hooks and big time productions tie into the story-line of Welcome to my World.  New York hip hop at its finest, with reflection, aggression, swagger and slick talk in the first half of the album.  The second half transitions into a smoother, vibrant experience for the listener. 


The album features fellow emcee DunnDaGod and several vocialist.  On the production side Kid Flash, Koncept Beats of Bryant Walker Productions, Mystro, Flash Beats and Mike DaSilva make up the credits.  With Yung Fokus of FMG producing the majority of the album.

After Welcome to my World, Malachi moves forward with ‘On My Way’.  While the music itself creates an inviting environment for you to vibe out to this album.  Malachi seeks the listener to take a dive beyond the production. On My Way, is a message of wholeness representing the ability to overcome obstacles and realize success in our endeavors. Fueled with a mixture of complex lyrical content coupled with soulfully driven production saturated with 808’s courtesy of Big Yount of The Noize, Malachi uses On My Way as a vessel to translate his thought process.  A quick synopsis of his view is apparent by simply reading the song titles.  (‘On my way‘I’ll be sure’ to ‘Stay up’ and ‘I’ll be back’ with ‘What I need’ doing ‘Everything I can’ so we ‘Good Money’)  Yet another layer of the message within his music.  Sonically pairing life experiences such as loss, growth, doubt and accomplishments, Malachi addresses a number of thought-provoking and universal questions throughout his ensemble epistles.  Vamped with his own perspective, On My Way remains engaging throughout. 

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